Thursday, February 11, 2010


I am horrible at recovery... Just putting that out there. I have not done anything in regards to RICE.

After the SC marathon, I carried on with the rest of my day! I mean, there was a whole afternoon left (finished around 12:30pm). The one thing that I haven't done this week is run... which is probably ok, but I really should be more diligent on getting some long walks in and more stretching. Also, the dreaded thought ran through my mind as I was leaving our pre-marathon party-- "I can't eat nearly as much as I was while in training".

This week (even though, yes, it's already Thursday), I plan to just continue to recover by not doing anything! Actually Saturday I will run at Peter's Canyon and then Monday I'm officially starting p90x, which I have heard is incredibly difficult. I hope to gain some fitness in other areas and that may help me improve fitness for my next marathon.

March will mark the official month of starting to train for the San Francisco Marathon! This training season, my goal is to do more cross training (mostly incorporate more swimming and biking).


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